Lafarge Passetoutgrain 2002

The wine is Domaine Michel Lafarge Bourgogne Passetoutgrain 2002. Bought from Byrne’s of Clitheroe for a tenner.  After drinking the first bottle of this wine, I decided I liked it enough to order a case. Something I don’t often do.  A couple of bottles in the case were corked to varying degrees I think, but this one, drunk a few days ago, was top notch.  Here’s the tasting note:

Pale garnet.  Intense mature Burgundy nose.  Red fruit.  Smoke, crispy bacon almost, and spice.  Some minerally peppermint notes – something I have occasionally got on Morgon wines so maybe it is something to do with the Gamay.  Medium acid, and medium low tannin.  Certainly enough structure to hold its own with food.  Excellent length, with smoky finish.  Excellent wine for a modest appellation, and a modest price. Drink now.  ****

Author: Steve Slatcher

Wine enthusiast

3 thoughts on “Lafarge Passetoutgrain 2002”

  1. I only ever tasted one Passetoutgrain and it was a DNPIM (do not put in mouth). They must deserve another chance so I’ll try one of these when next in Byrnes. Perhaps I should get a couple if some are corked 🙁

    Good to see the blog!

  2. Not seen this one before – they must save costs by having only one colour ink for the label – and thin letters!

    For ultra-tasty Passetoutgrains I’d suggest David Clark (Morey)

  3. Burgundy often has minimalistic labels, and generally speaking I like them. Must admit this one is a bit drab though. I’ll keep an eye out for the David Clark, but I’m not sure I want 12 bottles EP from BBR.

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