Cos Nero di Lupo and Frappato

As a fan of Cos Pithos, when I heard that the Didsbury branch of Carrington’s had a range of Cos wines, I was down there within the space of a couple of days, and bought myself a couple of varietal bottles that could be viewed as a deconstructed Pithos – 2009 vintage I suppose.  And three days after that I had polished off both wines, one per dinner, over the space of two days.

Azienda Agricola Cos, Nero di Lupo, Nero d’Avola, Sicilia IGT, 2008, 12.5%, £16.50
Palish garnet.  Intense, fresh, juicy dark fruit, with a sharp edge.  Some cinnamon spice.  Funky.  Tad reductive initially, but a double decant and a few hours got rid of most of that.  Medium high acidity.  Dry.  Lowish tannin – but mouth waters so much it is difficult to tell.  Excellent length.  Sharp finish.  Great to drink now, but no hurry.  Very refreshing.  *****

Azienda Agricola Cos, Frappato, Sicilia IGT, 2010, 12.5%, £15.50
Pale garnet.  Intense, fresh and juicy.  Raspberry and blackberry.  Reminds me a bit of some Friesas I have had.  Also a minty eucalyptusy note.  Like the Nero di Lupo, possibly a bit reductive, even after a double decant and a few hours.   Medium high acidity.  Dry.  Lowish tannin – but, again like the Nero di Lupo, mouth watering.  Excellent length.  Sharp minty finish.   Great to drink now, but no hurry.  Very refreshing.  More one dimensional than the Nero di Lupo, perhaps due to the age, but perhaps simply because it is a simpler wine. ****

I think you get the general message about these wines.  There were both beautifully light, refreshing, juicy and mouth watering – characteristics I also remember from the Pithos, but perhaps they were more in evidence in these varietal wines.  I think you also understand that I like the style very much, but I can see how they might not appeal to everyone.  I think I preferred the Pithos, which I remember to be more nuanced and subtle, perhaps as much due to the winemaking as the blend of grapes.  Pithos is, for example, fermented in amphorae and the Nero di Lupo and Frappato are not.

So next time I am passing Carrington’s I will grab a 2010 Pithos 🙂

Author: Steve Slatcher

Wine enthusiast

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