Three months without wine

You never get many tasting notes from me compared with most bloggers, but until 20th February next year you will be getting even fewer.  I might have the occasional sip and spit, but on medical advice there will no alcohol for me until then.  After three months of abstinence the situation will be re-evaluated.

I am now approaching the end of my first month, and it is becoming clear what I miss and don’t miss about drinking. 

Generally speaking, I have found that I do not miss what I would call social drinking.  I can just as easily drink fizzy water or orange juice at parties and other social gatherings.  Though I must admit it did feel a bit strange drinking Coke at the pub with colleagues a couple of day ago – pubs are very closely linked with beer in my mind.

Neither am I missing the experience of really great wines.  I don’t get to try that many of them anyway, but I did wonder whether I might be feeling the need to treat myself to a small glass of something special every couple of weeks, as a treat for being so good otherwise.  Well, I am not. 

What I definitely do miss is drinking decent wine with meals.   That is when I drink most, and I have always thought wine is enjoyed best with food.  I am also now learning is that many meals are much better with wine, and alternative drinks just don’t seem to cut it for me.  It is not only the flavour of wine that I miss, but there is something about the weight in the mouth that makes it ideal with food.  Sadly, the net result is that I seem to be enjoying meals less.  Perhaps this is the time to explore food that I would not normally think of matching with wine.

Author: Steve Slatcher

Wine enthusiast

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