Are you a wine snob?

Book_of_Snobs_XVIII-page_69Sorry if you were expecting a quiz to establish that you are actually not a wine snob, but if it helps I shall declare that you are not without even testing you. Why?  Because amongst all the people I know, I have not met a single one.  I have certainly encountered people who have their opinion swayed by high price or a highly regarded label or wine region, but that is part of being human, and anyone who thinks they are immune to such bias is deluding himself.  I also know people claim to be able to spot differences between wines where none exist, which is again due to our membership of the human race; if we believe two things are different, we will manage to identify exactly why they are different.  There are also those who are prejudiced against screwcaps and less well-known regions, in addition to those who prefer corks and the classic wine regions for well-argued reasons of course

These are very human traits, but nothing in my view to do with snobbery.  The same people, will laugh or smile, and head off down the metaphorical road to Aldi rubbing their hands with glee when they find a bargain. The true snob (If you want the dictionary definition, read a dictionary instead 🙂 ) will always buy an expensive and prestigious wine regardless.

And here the rant starts… If I do not know any wine snobs, why is the world of sub-editors populated with them?  I know wine lovers, wine enthusiasts and wine geeks, wine connoisseurs even, but not a single wine snob.  Regardless, in newspaper headlines, when it comes to wine drinkers there are only two sorts of people: the salt-of-the-earth man-in-the-street and the snob.  And as often as not, the story told with relish is about wine snobs being fooled.  Come on guys – at least try to invent a new cliché.

(Public domain image via Wikimedia: Engraving on wood by W. M. Thackeray himself, for the first edition of The Book of Snobs. Chapter XVIII, “Party-giving snobs” . Mr Snob and Miss Smith)

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  1. Alan March says:

    Nice article Steve after these recent clichéd newspaper pieces about wine tasting etc. I do find myself saying to people that I am a wine snob just to pre-empt them thinking it at times. I do drink perfectly acceptable house wines, supermarket bottles and cheap local wines here in the Languedoc. I don’t drink wines I consider overpriced, overworked and overoaked. I do refuse corked bottles in restaurants rather than not making a fuss. I read about wine, write about it and love the world of wine. I’m an amateur in the true sense.
    I am not a north London media type who lives by trends and the latest ‘ins’ but makes a living from criticising others and pretending to be an everyman.

  2. You make a good point, Alan, that I maybe should have given more emphasis to – we often have strong views on different aspects of wine, but they are often based on experience rather than snobbery. “Amateur” is another good word but I am not sure it would be understood this side of the Channel.

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