Articles I would like to have written

I don’t agree with everything Elliott Morss says in these articles, and some of the perspectives are US-centric, but you might notice that he writes on many of the themes that engage me too.

Not light reading – take them one at a time, and with a mug of coffee to hand.  Must admit I have not read them in detail myself yet, but the mug-of-coffee approach is what I am planning.

China/HK: The New Wine “Vanity” Market for Bordeaux

The Economics of Marketing Wines – Does Region Matter?

The Global Economics of Fashion and Clothing: Part 2 – Fashion

The Taste of Wine – Does It Matter?

The US Wine Market – A Global Economist’s Perspective (Part 1)

How Restaurants Select and Price Wine

Selecting Wines

I discovered the website when seeking out entries for my new blog roll, but decided the articles probably probably fit better here in a post of their own.  If you want to check for new articles, I am sure you can work out how for yourself.