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Q&A – Food matches for Madeira

I received Madeira wines : 1) Tinta negra de madeira “Natal” 1946 by artur de barros e sousa and 2) special madeira 1988 by cossart gordon and 3) malmsey madeira 1994 by cossart gordon. Can you tell me with what kind of food I can drink them, please ? Continue reading

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More on astringent wine with meat

In a previous blog post on the subject I quoted Tim Hanni as saying “fat actually increase[s] the intensity of […] the astringent feeling of tannin”.  But as far as I could establish, Hanni has no evidence for this other … Continue reading

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Duck, Amarone and the Zeni wine museum

When scanning through the list of wines I have in my Liebherrs looking for a match for confit duck, I really had in mind a Pinot Noir, Beaujolais or Riesling.  I also fancied that a top Alsace Pinot Gris with good acidity … Continue reading

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Steak, wine and astringency reduction

As a rule, I am pretty laid back about matching wines with food.  I am normally happy to go with the conventional wisdom in the company I am keeping.  Not because I think that always results in the best matches, but … Continue reading

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