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Some wines from Vinnaturo

They first caught my eye at love + labour‚Äôs natural wine tasting at Salut Wines the other week. There were several nondescript pouches of wines sitting on¬†one small table, and it was largely that low-key presentation that piqued my interest. … Continue reading

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Wine, ideology and quality

Particularly in recent months¬†this topic¬†has been on my mind a lot, as I have been drinking more natural wines,¬†thinking about them, and¬†listening to what others have to say. I’ve been wanting to write about it for a while, but couldn’t … Continue reading

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Natural wines – my two penn’orth

Firstly, let’s take a look at what¬†natural wine actually is. While the term is¬†not standardised, and there is no universal¬†agreement on how it should be used, the¬†principle is clear: it is used for wines made with minimal intervention.¬†So in principle, … Continue reading

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Afros in Vinho Verde

This visit was organised as part of the 2012 Port Explorer’s Tour I introduced in an earlier post.¬† If you are already wondering what Afros¬†has to do with Port, congratulations for spotting that!¬† Really the only relationship is that Vinho … Continue reading

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Natural Wines from Les Caves de Pyrène

Less than a¬†week¬†after wine lovers daarn¬†saaf were enjoying RAW¬†and The Natural Wine Fair, a few of us oop north were doing our bit to better understand what natural wines have to offer.¬† My methodology was to ask Les Caves de … Continue reading

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